Chicagoland Insurance will soon become part of PIAI - Thursday, August 21, 2014
Starting October 1st, Chicagoland Insurance will become part of PIAI.  Welcome our newest partner! 

Chicagoland Insurance will be merging with PIAI - Thursday, August 21, 2014
Starting October 1st, Chicagoland Insurance will become part of PIAI.  Welcome our newest partner! 

We Have Moved! - Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Our new office is located at One Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 330 in Westchester IL 

Not For Profit

Paczolt Insurance markets Commercial Property & Casualty and Management & Professional Liability insurance products tailored for the unique exposures of Not For Profits, providing competitively priced policies, local service relationships, and differentiated coverage features. Our ever-expanding product like offers the most innovative coverage's for today's unique exposures. Whether your organization needs coverage for concerts, camps, builders' risk, health & fitness, human & social services, D&O liability or other niche coverages Paczolt has you covered.

Paczolt Insurance understands the risks unique to Non Profit and Social Service organizations. We work with several national non profit insurance groups that specialize in coverage for your type of organization. Our agents and staff have experience dealing with local and national Non Profits & Social Services organization. In today’s legal climate not-for-profit organizations run the risk of being sued for alleged wrongdoings. The array of risks and required coverages for non profits can be broad or specialized depending your organization. Whether a human or social services, arts, educational, civic or other non profit, your organization should be protected by appropriate insurance to cover defense costs and damages. In addition to standard coverages such as Property, Liability, Business Auto, and Workers compensation, you may also need to consider coverage for the following:

Directors & Officers: Nonprofit directors and officers have great responsibilities and risks. It is important to address the risks and protect your organization if directors and officers are found liable and protect the the directors or officers personal financial security as well.

Professional Liability: If your organization offers a professional service that people rely on it is important to have coverage for your professional exposures.

Abuse & Molestation: Although no one wants this think about coverage for the harming of children, this coverage is important to have for any organization dealing with children. Coverage for this type of exposure is not always included. The inclusion of Defense costs is usually reason enough alone for pursuing this coverage

International: Some organization may have a foreign liability exposure and not be aware of it. If you have employees that travel internationally or if you distribute products overseas you could have a foreign liability exposure.

Special Events: Fundraisers and Galas are common for Non Profit and Social Service organizations. Many times this can be the main source of income for your organization. Special events often carry different risks and exposures than your day-to-day activities. Depending on your policy, these events may or may not be covered.

Transportation: Group transportation is often involved in the daily operations of Non Profit and Social Service organizations. Increased limits or specialized coverages may be needed if you have buses, vehicles with wheel chair lifts or, are transporting volunteers or clients.

Crime: It is important to protect your organization from both internal and external crime. Coverage is available to cover employee theft, theft of money and securities, or meet ERISA requirements for employee retirement plans.

Paczolt represents many of the insurance providers in this arena, however, many providers have varying appetites for this nature of cover. It's our job to research based on your needs, and come up with the right package to cover your needs and exposures.